Consultancy and support

What is the multilingual consultancy and support service about?

Organizing the translation workflow and processes can become quite complicated in an SAP environment. Should translation be performed in a development, consolidation or test system? What are the transport routes and development cycles? What object types should be translated out of hundreds for the particular target languages? What are the translation-relevant objects and how can they be translated? System translation is a process connected very closely to development, with many technical and linguistic issues to be handled continuously.

MorphoLogic Localisation’s multilingual consultancy and support service covers all of these task and supports customers through the whole lifecycle, from scoping through executing to delivery.

Who can benefit from multilingual consultancy and support?

SAP customers and development partners with continuous development activities and changing translation-relevant content.

What are the benefits?

Regardless to whether we look at the scoping, execution or delivery phase, system translation is a very complex process. It is a niche which requires a special mix of technical and linguistic knowledge. Therefore, it costs much more to invest time into learning it or gaining enough experience with it than to rely on the knowledge of a trusted SAP PartnerEdge partner. MorphoLogic Localisation has more than 10 years’ experience in the field of system translation projects.