Language work

Alignment / TM building

Have the source/target documents and wondering how you can reuse them to keep consistency and speed up translation projects? With the alignment service we can create Translation Memories out of existing translations by aligning the segments of the source and target documents which makes further translation tasks more efficient.

Terminology work

Extracting terminology out of existing documents and creating multilingual terminology databases.


Have a translated document but not sure about the quality? Send us the bilingual/monolingual version for proofreading.

MT post-editing

The quality of MT-translated materials still cannot match that of human-translated. However, in several casesĀ  MT can be an option, especially for closely related languages and/or very straightforward texts. We perform post-editing on MT-translated documents with or without the training of the MT engine.

Technical services

Conversions from PDF to editable format, Flash file editing, OCR for texts available only in scans.