SAP Translation Utilities

QA checker utility for variables

Missing or inconsistent variables in system translations can result in program crashes. Using our QA checker utility for variables you can eliminate these problems. This small but powerful program can be used to scan single objects, transport request, development classes or translation worklists. The utility reports all entries in short texts where variables like &1, &2 or &DATE& are missing in translations or are inconsistent with the source language.

Proposal Pool deletion utility

This utility allows to delete content from the system Proposal Pool. Use this program to clean the Proposal Pool from wrong entries based on creating user, creation time, domain and status.

Language supplementation deletion utility

With this tool, you can delete supplemented entries for a target language for a specific selection base like object, transport request, development class or translation worklist. This is useful in cases where there is a translation demand for objects where all target language fields have already been filled with English or German texts during language installation. Using this tool, you can select and delete all copied entries to get a clean base for scoping of translation-relevant content.